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1119 State Street

1119  State Street


1972- Present   The building became part of Cohrans’ Insurance office.  


1956-1966 No businesses were listed at this location.


1941-1958   The North Side Barber shop was located here. This location had been used as a barber shop for 60 years or more it was said in 1958.  


1922-1925 Roy McNeal owned a shop located here.


1912   The Wright and Rich barbershop on the North side of the square underwent a complete change in March of 1912.  A  fine new beveled plate glass mirror, set in quarter- sawed oak, with marble wainscoting and individual laboratories of hot and cold water with shampoo attachments were installed. New chairs were ordered and the room re-papered and painted.


1905 C.D. Wright had his Barber shop repaired on March 16, in order to put in a public bath.


1823  On January 18, 1823, Samuel Harris purchased lot 15 and the lot directly north of this one, Lot 4, for $120.  This provided him with access on Sugar/State Street directly north of, and across from, the courthouse, as well as on Walnut Street to the rear of his location.


1821 This location was part of Lot 15 on the Original Plat of Lawrenceville surveyed June 27, 1821, by John Dunlap. Each of the original lots had 78’10” frontage and was 113’4” deep.  Sugar Street, the name later changed to State Street, was 82 ft. wide and the alley ways were 10 ft.

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