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1118 Jefferson Street

1118 Jefferson Street


Research continues on these missing buildings.


This is the west section of the Gee Building.


Present: Vacant lot (Missing Building)


19?? building demolished.


1966: Vacant building


1959 Henschens Uptown Restaurant operated at this location.


1956 Midwest Auto Supply managed by W. C. Siddens was here before they moved to 500 North 15th Street.


1118 1/2 Second Floor The businesses located upstairs over the Gee building and the bank building to the south, are difficult to place in the correct building. The city directories used different street number addresses and often the businesses themselves when they advertised merely said Gee Building, not differentiating between which of the three Gee buildings located in that block was correct. The ones listed below all gave the address as #1118 ½ but as one of the photos of the Bank shows, the Production Credit Association sign clearly is hanging over the stairway to the 2nd floor of the bank building.


1972 Office of the Lawrence County Selective Service Systems Local Board 154 was located upstairs.  This office  had moved over from the 2nd floor of the courthouse where it was located in 1941. (The address was also given as over the Ben Franklin Store)


1966 The Illinois Veterans Commission was under the direction of Vern Baught as the service officer assisted by Martha Pinkstaff as secretary. They had their offices upstairs in this building. 


1956-59 Illinois Veterans Commission under the direction of Harold O Quick, Service Officer and Wabash Production Credit Assn (1941) had their offices upstairs. Emerson Rains was the Secretary-Treasury with Wm H Miller as Assistant Treasurer of the PCA.

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