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1108 Jefferson Street

1108 Jefferson Street
Present: Vacant (Owner Brian Straub)

1985 -2012 When this building was built, it was divided into three separate business locations but at some time all three were combined into the present layout. Magness Variety and Hardware Store operated in the larger space.


1957 East and Middle Section combined


1957-1972 Ben Franklin, a five and dime variety store, was in business in the combined east and middle section. In 1957 the store was remodeled to combine the dimestore location with the adjacent one, recently vacated by the Smith Sales and Service Uptown store. The store was then strictly modernized with self-service counters, a completely new front and show windows. Woodrow W. Magness became  the owner  until he sold it to the Tresslar Co. of Vincennes, IN on Oct 4, 1972. The phone book listed the owner then as Roy Tracy. 

East Section
1950 W W Magness purchased the M & W Variety store and by 1951 the city directory listed this location as the home of a Ben Franklin store.


Middle Section See 1108 B  Jefferson Street


West Section   See 1110 Jefferson Street


For Businesses located upstairs  see Upstairs

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